Permaculture: weed & learn

Want to learn a few things about the plants in the garden? Do you learn best by seeing and doing? Come along and do a bit of weeding and organically gain some practical insight with the help of Jason. He’s usually in the nursery raising seedlings or nearby tending to the soil.

If you wish to harvest from the garden please do so thoughtfully, if in doubt about the right times to pick things or how much- just ask, and remember to contribute to the donation box near the gate or kindly give of your time and effort as our dedicated gardeners do so generously.

Some say the most important part of gardening is soil preparation, and that statement certainly holds a great deal of merit, however preventing gardener depletion and burnout is possibly even more important for the long-term sustainability of the garden! Let’s give them plenty of support and appreciation and not take their hard work for granted.